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We are a part of highly diversified group of company already into Manufacturing of Rubber Products for Electrical, Health, Aerospace, Automobile and General Industries. Our range of Products Includes, Cork Sheets, Transformer Gaskets, Automobile Components and wide range of Rubber molded and extruded Products made of Viton, Neoprene, Silicone Rubber. We have also ventured into manufacturing of Wine and Champagne bottle Corks.
Composite Insulator is a latest addition to our existing kitty.

1.1 kV Composite Polymer LT PIN Insulator

1.1 kV LT Pin Insulator with GI Pin

11 kV Polymer Pin Insulator

11kV 5kN Polymer Pin Insulator

11kV 45 kN B&S Disc Insulator

11kV 45 kN Dead End Disc Insulator

11kV 45 kN T&C Disc Insualator

11kV Composite Polymer HG Fuse

11kV HG Fuse

11kV Polymer Disc Insulator

11kV Polymer Post Insulator

15kV 70 kN Composite Polymer Disc Insulator

15kV 70 kN Polymer Disc Insulator

15kV Composite Polymer Disc Insulator

22kV 70 kN B&S Type Polymer Disc Insulator

22kV 70 kN Composite Polymer Disc Insulator

22kV Composite Polymer HG Fuse

33 kV 70 kN Polymer T&C Disc Insulator

33kV 10 kN Composite Polymer Pin Insulator

33kV 10kN Composite Polymer Post Insulator

33kV 70 kN Polymer B&S Polymer Disc Insulator

33kV 70kN Composite Polymer Disc Insulator

33kV Composite Polymer Pin Insulator

33kV Composite Polymer Post Insulator

66kV 90 kN Composite Long Rod Insulator

66kV-400kV Composite Long Rod Insulator

220kV 160kN Composite Long Rod Insulator

400 kV 160kN Composite Polymer Long Rod Insulator

Ceramic Insulator

Composite Polymer Disc Insulator

Composite Polymer Pin Insulator

Composite Polymer Post Insulator

LT & HT Stay Insulator

Polymer Pin Insulator

Porcelain Insulator


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