Why Composite Insulators

Why Composite Insulators?

India’s electric network operates under very harsh environments. Industrial Pollution, Marshy Land, Hilly and Un-friendly terrain, Extreme weather, Coastal Region etc. These environmental conditions make insulator contamination flashovers the main concern to the electric utility. Different solutions were tried to combat the insulator pollution flashover. At the beginning there were only Ceramic Insulators. Later Glass Insulators were put to use, but not found very useful. Introduction of Composite (Polymer) Insulators OR Silicone Insulators in 1970s was a turning point. Silicone rubber insulators are generally acknowledged by their superior pollution performance. They are found to be useful in sever weather conditions, They have distinctively hydrophobic surface, they are good resistant to Chemical Influence, Weathering, UV Radiation, their Physiochemical and Mechanical Properties remain constant over wide temperature range. Results showed negligible changes in Polymer Insulator properties and no electrical or mechanical failures were experienced in long run. It is found that "composite insulators" can be specified, manufactured, tested and maintained to be reliable for their service life for HVAC and HVDC applications and hence they are now used in most HV applications.


  • Excellent Hydrophobic Surface, hence no need to clean them.
  • No Flashover under polluted environment
  • Good Electrical and Mechanical Properties.
  • Good Resistance to Weathering, UV and Ozone.
  • Resistance to Pollution.
  • High Tracking and Erosion Resistance.
  • Light in Weight. Shipping, Handling and installation are easier and cheaper as Silicone Composite Insulators are much lighter and compact than their ceramic insulator.
  • Silicone Insulators can easily replace ceramic insulators for upgrading existing transmission and distribution lines.
  • Zero Breakages.
  • Low Leakage Current.
  • Low Maintenance Cost.
  • Compared with manufacturing of Porcelain Insulators, it is inexpensive and environment friendly to process Silicone Insulators.
  • Silicone Composite Insulators are less likely to be damaged in case of earthquake, vandalism etc.
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