About Navitas Insulators

M/s Navitas Insulators Pvt. Ltd is Registered as a Private Limited company founded in. The main objective of the company is to Design, Manufacture and Supply High voltage Composite (Polymer) insulators. The company will produce OHE insulators for Railway Traction and Power Utilities. This technology is quite new in the prevailing industrial scenario of our country. These are different from the conventional ceramic or porcelain insulators and Glass Insulators.

Navitas Insulators is setup to cater to Indian Power Sector. Looking at tremendous growths in this sector, company has outlined massive Investment Program into State of art, Hi-Tech manufacturing and testing facility at Bangalore, India.

We are a part of highly diversified group of company already into Manufacturing of Rubber Products for Electrical, Health, Aerospace, Automobile and General Industries. Our range of Products Includes, Cork Sheets, Transformer Gaskets, Automobile Components and wide range of Rubber molded and extruded Products made of Viton, Neoprene, Silicone Rubber. We have also ventured into manufacturing of Wine and Champagne bottle Corks.

Composite Insulator is a latest addition to our existing kitty.

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